A nervous sweat that beads across you brow. No real reasoning for any actions that’ve been occurring during the daily grind. Feeling completely ZERO, but in regard to self, although confidence is whole. But maybe something happened. Maybe sleep last night took that part of memory away from self that abetted to complete euphoria. All things are systems. All systems are nodes. All nodes identify “BX3 HEADSPACE.”

Visual artists, poet, musician, and all-around Renaissance woman, Reba Beauchamp (a.k.a. SWAN MEAT) and recent frontal lobotomy patient, YOSHITAKA HIKAWA, collaborated on some truly fried pop in the track “BX3 HEADSPACE.” Phones are tapped. Vocals transcend human. Noise becomes audible. Sound finds sound. And self, well… Don’t let me spoil it for you. Scope below and keep an ear out for a SWAN MEAT guest mix on TMT in the coming weeks!

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