♫♪  Talibam! - Launch Pad #1 (Dirty Projectors) [album stream]

It was only a matter of time before artists started appropriating from the recent recent recent past. Talibam!, certainly no strangers to weird left turns, have taken the entirety of Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan and recorded some sweet, beautiful noise RIGHT ON TOP. That’s right: the Talibam! boys (Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea) appropriate an otherwise pristine, safely-recorded pop album and add much-needed @#6!@!@$*#@@#$#$#!!!!, creating spaces in which melodies are bent and twisted to scales both nearby and far off, in which the rhythms themselves are continually threatening to fall apart, in which the danger that was so wonderfully palpable in earlier releases by Dirty Projectors are pushed front and center once again.

This release is just the first in a proposed series called the “Launch Pad.” According to the group: “The ‘Launch Pad’ series was created by Talibam! to explore new sound relationships in the digital world. Using recent album releases by contemporary artists as the launching pad, Talibam! feels inspired to paint and mold the music into a new species, blurring the lines between inconspicuous and conspicuous consumption/appropriation.” LOVE IT.


01. Oofspring B Bank
02. Abbot 2 Dye
03. Fun Hasbro Figure
04. Bling Bro Flagellant
05. Juice Prom Redrum
06. France Floor Goo
07. Baby Fat Fuzz Kit
08. Imp Reagan Fable Questlove
09. Spleen Hut No-see-ums
10. Le Porche Bites
11. Bento Seether
12. Hairy Ponce Abe Lincoln

• Talibam!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Talibam/102564367491

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