♫♪  TALsounds - Lifter + Lighter


After a quiet summer, alt tape institution Hausu Mountain has been on something of a tear lately, releasing several new recordings in the last several weeks from the likes of Tiger Village, Lockbox, and, most recently, TALsounds. If the Hausu style veers toward the acid-drenched, lawless, and vaguely prankish, TALsounds (née Natalie Chami) has long held space for the label’s emotional center: deceptively gentle at times and devastatingly direct at others, Chami’s solo work is always meticulous and deeply felt in a way that pairs awesomely with her music in label house band Good Willsmith. New tape Lifter + Lighter might be her best record yet, a live-recorded tour of high-level synth/oscillator/voice work that, for all its disarming strangeness and frequent melancholy, never becomes a bad trip.

Stream album track “I Am Why” below.

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