♫♪  Various Artists: Doom Trip Records - Doom Mix Vol. I

Pretend this were a premiere for Doom Trip RecordsDoom Mix Vol. I. Pretend like you haven’t been listening to new singles by artists HOTT MT, TALsounds, Rangers, Skyjelly, R. Stevie Moore, Heejin Jang, Missing Organs, Vinyl Williams, Unbloom, Tarkamt, Traps PS, Alan Morse Davies, SCRTS, wrtch, Parallax ‘48, Jeremy Bible, Wooden Wand, and Mukqs since April 6 (when the compilation dropped and TMT dropped the ball on its premiere). Now that everyone is within this oblivious zone: Doom Trip Records just created some DYNASTY LEVEL compilation mastery with Doom Mix Vol. I!!! Plenty of TMT fan and writer favorites within the depths of Doom Mix Vol. I, cultivating sounds that spectrum like a color wheel, and precision of track-listing that makes the compilation sound like a DJ mix at the art gallery showing nothing (tonight), but just a presentation of new works from musicians both hear and unheard. AND TAPES ARE STILL AVAILABLE. So stop reading this nonsense (if you’re still with me), goto Doom Trip RecordsDoom Mix Vol. I ASAP, and grip the reel. Until it arrives:

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