♫♪  TALsounds - “Surrender”

From the album Lifter + Lighter coming out October 14 on Hausu Mountain, “Surrender” reaches levels of serenity only few in pop can accomplish. TALsounds forever wins. There’s no reclamation of shouting. Nobody’s really looking. You may join the calm. Approachable situations that seem to melt all sorts of tension. That good-night sleep you’ve been waiting to taking all week. To taking a breath because this is all shared. This air…

“Surrender” literally matches TALsounds’ musical measure so perfectly, it’s like asking “How long have you been sitting on an idea this genuinely brilliant?” Then completely believing any amount of time it took TALsounds to have created “Surrender” because it’s FINALLY OUT! Like, you can listen to it below, and then head to the Hausu Mountain website-homepage for the whole Lifter + Lighter on the reel. While you’re at it, two more danglers just dropped tapes, if you’re into beards ;)

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