“HOT SUN BEATING DOWN ON MY AWFUL SKULL” is one finely tuned machine of a mix with a snazzy title that accurately captures the relentlessness and steadiness of TASKFORCE’s work. Using almost entirely all his own productions, TASKFORCE glitches, bleeps, and drums in clear, evocative ways that manage to create a holistic world while still aggressively driving forward. And while Kelela’s “Do It Again” is stylistically so different than the rest of the mix, it manages to anchor the entire thing to reality and eliminate any esoterica. It’s always exciting to hear electronic material that predicts a future where organic and inorganic sounds can live together, rather than just the latter. And you must listen all the way through! Throbbing Gristle’s “Persuasion” ends it in some bizarre yet ultimately satisfying orgasm that is so unexpected but oh so right.

• TASKFORCE: https://soundcloud.com/taskforcenyc

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