The Exhalers
Dive Hard Trilogy

Joao Costa Gonçalves, the man who brought you Mediafired and Sofa Pits, returns with his latest addition to The Exhalers enterprise. The Dive Hard trilogy is based on an animal personification concept illustrated sonically through the experiences of a dolphin, which may or may not have something to do with the amount of time this diligent artist spends underwater. According to Gonçalves, the sea is a most fitting environment to explore these themes because of its impossible density and inscrutable expanse, which crystallizes the perfect setting for his most recent efforts; a delightful catalogue of boundless musical lucidity crushed by ambient echo, Delphinidae clicks, and Casio keys.

November was a busy period for The Exhalers, who supported Former Selves, Lace Bows and Branches on the Iberian leg of their European tour at the beginning of the month. The Dive Hard trilogy has since sold out on Exo Tapes in physical form, but was recently uploaded on the project’s SoundCloud.

Have a listen to Part Two in the trilogy below, and keep your ear to the (ocean)floor with plenty more soon to follow from Exo Tapes.

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