♫♪  The Trying - Self Titled

Sucking eggs surrounding the meaning of “art” is a solid yoke to swallow. There’s art that’s made for the masses. There’s art that’s intended to debunk. There’s art that tries too. Here, The Trying (a.k.a. Chris Kaetzel) blends a plethora of genres that gain access to minds thinking within the mixture of art. There’s that post-Bad Brains roughness, post-Goldie beats, and post-Finger Eleven swooning.

Gaining access to things beyond what is presented to the general public — the grocery store radio or television commercials or your fucking Pandora — The Trying shoots for music that is both digestible and sporadic. At once, Self Titled sounds random, but completely fluid in intent. And it’s pulsating too. As his girlfriend (my soon-to-be sister-in-law) also mentions that there’s an adventurous aspect in the music, as well. More-so in a videogame soundtrack way. A way TMT readers are used to, but on exactly that. Though it’s commendable, The Trying continues to strive for progression of sound by straying from the a-typical, while using some a-typical sounds. And without attachment to a scene or daily/weekly music community in person, thriving off personal exposure and interest in Self Titled is something of The Trying’s art cocktails together in a furious way. Stream below and find out for yourself:

• The Trying: http://thetrying.bandcamp.com

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