♫♪  The Trying - “Dreams and Romance”

The other day, me wife and me was listening to that one Slipceworld tape that dominated taste buds this year, and the sig-nif was really curious if what we were listening to was a “remix” of Spice Girls. Then the Slipceworld tape goes into some fucking weeeiiiirrrrd territories of the familiar sounds. Similarly, The Trying continues to tug at such an unnerving sense of old-school nostalgia in “Dreams and Romance.” “Dreams and Romance.” is exactly the sound of Scooter Ward’s voice, written by Jonathan Davis, produced by Fred Durst, ft. Aaron Lewis. It’s impatient. It’s poetic in verse. There’s rhythm in the words than the bare-minimal string-picking. A drumming that arks into peak of climax that plateaus aloft the airiness of angelic disintegration:

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