♫♪  Theodore Cale Schafer - “Midwest”

I have a weird relationship with compilations. In my heart, I know they can be good, but I doubt every new one that I see, by default. Maybe it’s PAN’s fault - theirs from a couple years back was pretty much faultless and now I just know that nothing will ever top it, so why bother? Well, I’m not really sure why, but I did bother with The Warmest Hum on Berlin’s Vaagner/Vaknar imprint.

Just kidding! Actually, I do know why - it’s ace and filled to the brim with notable underground ambient sounds. Prolific Denmark-based musician øjeRum makes an appearance, Canadian producer and label head Anthéne contributes a track too, both sitting alongside the likes of Stijn Hüwels, Sequences, Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet or Machinefabriek. Basically, everyone’s on this thing.

My favourite of the bunch is Theodore Cale Schafer’s “Midwest”, a real ambient delight where the gentle tape-y mist you hear at the beginning gives rise to an impenetrable bright drone. Throughout, it hints at a melody, but never fully reveals it, keeping things pleasantly mysterious. Have a listen to the song below, and check out the full compilation through Bandcamp here. It’s a free download too, so definitely get it (sorry, tapes were snagged by the few lucky early customers).

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