♫♪  Tigerbitch - “Wife All Day”

Dust zones are way weird. Like, it’s afterlife, omniscience, energy, matter, grey, etc. Technically, I’m you as you are history and as history is repetition. We shed and continue to shed dust, and maybe people subconsciously find a lasting appeal breathing in someone else for years. And I ain’t talking about when she crop-dusts across the room while telling you, “Women don’t fart.” It’s being a part all day without being around ever. Maybe just in the morning. So, I think I get Tigerbitch’s “Wife All Day.” I mean, aside from a partner, how about the Animal Collective/Deerhunter vibe you get with this track? Maybe dust is more musically influential than we think. Transferal of influence, maybe? Or hearing? I dunno, but keep on the lookout for Tigerbitches’ new [untitled] EP this summer. This dude droppin’ it deep.

• Tigerbitch: http://tigerbitch.bandcamp.com

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