♫♪  Timecop - MK-Ultra

Timecop released what feels like twenty millions EPs, albums, and collaborations this year, albeit under different names, many of which have now been deleted. But it seems like this moniker has stuck and a new full-length album/mixtape is available on an also new LA-based label, 400M. And when I say full I mean eighteen tracks of dense and scratchy vocal- and beat-driven tracks, including my very favorite, “Angel Cry (XR)”, previously self-released as a stand-alone single, which I fell in love with on this very blog earlier this year. Yay.

There are so many other songs to sit with here, be with here, move to, think through, repeat, repeat, such as “London Fog [4am]” featuring vocalist Jessica Hoyle, which feels a bit like MK-Ultra’s ars poetica Other gems include the opener “Wiseblood 2” and later “The Commissioner 2.0”. Throughout, Timecop contorts his voice into a series of characters that appear in different guises. Timecop is as Timecop wants to be at any time, and it’s thrilling. Each track offers a cornucopia of surprises, samples, secrets, myths, leaps, treats. A feat.

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