TIMECOP shares the distrinction of not only having the illest name in all of instrumental music, but also of having based said moniker on the illest JCVD film of all — er — days. Speaking of time, did you know that the Timecop movie took place in 2004, by which point, it posited, time travel would have been possible and policed? This, of course, didn’t happen IRL … OR DID IT?!?!

Anyways, TIMECOP, the artist, came to Tiny Mix Tapes’ timelines back in May under the name, John Fox. TACTIC [S] already existed then but as an abbreviated, two-song release. The deluxe version, featured here, tacks on another 13 minutes of burnt chrome and crumbling pylons. An edition of 50 CDs, TACTIC [S] DX proves TIMECOP does his own stunts.

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