Feet cold from the earth settling into winter. Top$’ slack beats in the headphones. Head bobbing with every relaxed stride. Mindset shuffling, from here to there, passing lamp lit windows filled with ratchet horse carriage lifestyles, heavily blanked out, blinking at screens. Houses rowed like Coke bottles, waiting to be sold. Some full, some empty. Sliding under a chain linked fence blocking off an abandoned pool, watching the concrete glide of wheels transform people into waves of motion, hugging lips and rolling over ground gunk and stuck headspace. Head still bobbing along to CORRECT SOUND. Mind still listening. Life still going. Back to it.

CORRECT SOUND is still available via Acorn Tapes. Cop a piece of enlightenment right here. [Editor’s Note: Bort is the SHIT, and I bought me a copy within the first 30 seconds of track 1]

• Top$: https://soundcloud.com/topsdollarsign
• Top$: https://topskilla.bandcamp.com
• Acorn Tapes: https://acorntapes.bandcamp.com

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