The GAWD C Monster first introduced us to TOP$’ fictional character, DONNIE WOES, back in 2016. Now, we have an actual backstory:

Donnie is a man with no luck, many sorrows, and a knack for taking things that aren’t his. Hes a con, a theif [sic], a crook, a veritable scumbag. This collection of music is representative of the exploits that led to his tranformation [sic] into the one known as DONNIE WOES.

Short and sweet and replete with beats (*wink*), the 8 track soundtrack to this “scumbag” goes off. Reminds me of all those summer afternoons I spent doing absolutely nothing, chilling with beat-tapes and a boombox at arms length, lounging near my open window, scrapping resin or roach hunting. Those days are behind me, but TOP$ got the zone in sight, so no need to fret.

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