♫♪  Top$ - Dance 4 Sun God EP

Who ready for a bit of that post-modem trans-hop? ‘Cause Top$ shit taking a pounding to ears on heads in his latest Dance 4 Sun God EP. Crammed into six tracks of that ain’t bring the rain, but a ray of gold… sunshine gold. And everyone north of Florida needs a bit of that heat right now. First you friend a stripper on Twitter, then overload your data plan with XHamster videos, and recently smoked four Ls in one night, boiii. Just tip it back. Relax in a few choice samples. Stew on these cooked up beats. Melody your way outta this one, and you’ll be kicking yourself. There’s turn arounds. Dirt and sand kicked in the air. Feet fasting. Fists, flailing. Top$ creeps into your skin with a lick of light via Dance 4 Sun God EP, streaming below:

• Top$: http://topskilla.bandcamp.com

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