♫♪  Traxman & DJ Innes - Tekk Djz Presents The T & J Project

Juke always strikes a cord in me. Yesterday, the old editor of Chocolate Grinder was questioning whether or not I was into footwork still, and yeah, it still works. I always appreciate when what I’m listening to is consistently pushing the boundary and moving the genre (old or new) forward. And Traxman always brings the hurtin’ on progress. So Tekk Djz Presents The T & J Project is a shoe-in for max volume car jamming in traffic or on-the-go. Also, having never heard DJ Innes prior to his tracks here, he’s already won me over, and may even dominate the divide of Tekk Djz Presents The T & J Project’s artists. But it ain’t no game. It’s all fun.

Rely on Tekk Djz. They hitting the game hard right now. Tekk Djz Presents The T & J Project ain’t just another track-of-the-day. Traxman & DJ Innes marks the rapid miles stone for the ever-evolving Tekk Djz crew, and blooms in ways your body never knew. Freak it below:

• DJ Innes: http://gamingcult.org
• Traxman: https://soundcloud.com/traxman
• Tekk DJ’z: https://tekkdjz.bandcamp.com

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