Traxman envisions new Tekvision LP on TEKLIFE (can probably see into the future as well)

Traxman envisions new Tekvision LP on TEKLIFE (can probably see into the future as well)
Photo: Wills Glasspiegel

It’s essentially a kung-fu movie archetype: the arrogant, young fighter arrives on the scene thinking that he (well, typically “he”) has all of the answers and that he can kick anyone’s ass basically by virtue of an inherent gift. Not long after, some elder and experienced mastah appears in order to humble the brash individual by means of a very physical reality check.

Now, just imagine your average recent convert to footwork as the young fighter about to get schooled, and you’ve got a decent analogy for what’s about to happen when the one and only Traxman reappears with a new full-length album, just as some rising TEKLIFE stars are starting to make distributive names for themselves. You might THINK know something about the footwork sound if you’ve heard Taso or DJ Manny. But YOU KNOW NOTHING absent a track from Traxman entering your earholes, shaving your head, and dressing you in a robe that keeps the one arm perpetually cool.

Traxman’s newest ceremonial beatdown is called Tekvision, and it’s out November 3 on the increasingly busy TEKLIFE Records (here’s where you can pre-order the limited edition vinyl). In terms of well-marketed full-length albums, it follows most recently 2014’s Da Mind of Traxman Vol 2. Unsurprisingly, this new one promises more of the masterful MPC technique that earned the Chicago native his legendary reputation in the first place, and on the sample track “Be Gagen (feat. DJ Earl)” (listenable below), the drums and synth rule with the cool, iron fist of relative minimalism. Let’s face it: you don’t have to be a particularly showy producer when you’ve got the skills.

Tekvision tracklisting:

01. Be Gagen (Feat DJ Earl)
02. Drop It Down
03. Control Ya Bitchezzz
04. Gone Girl
05. Tone Deaf
06. Let Me Get Up
07. Twist Da Party Out
08. Whop Line

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