♫♪  Treasure Hunt - Lotion

Treasure Hunt has been round longer than Myles Dunhill’s Pedicure Records feels and explorations. First time I heard them was on Moon Glyph with some very plundered depths akin to Hanz and C L E A N E R S. Then Treasure Hunt went completely NOP and followed a more bent, post-PC modality that ruined the club with as much syrup and sugar a warehouse can handle. Now, in Lotion, Treasure Hunt went a bit more outside tweet, similar to Gem Jones and Tracy Trance. Vocals almost alien. Rhythms kept extremely pleasant, almost graceful. Simple beats and dripping melodies just sticking to the back of your tongue. Whistling Lotion as hazy as it emits from your speakers or headphones. To absorb candy through your ears:

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