♫♪  Treasure Hunt - Space Jam

Haven’t been in this part of town for a minute. You know, and it’s like that: not being familiar with shit. Everything like that. Google statistical analysis be like that. Aux to iPhone portals. It’s all unreal. Strap into the VR of Space Jam, where only an eclipse of the Moon Glyph will permeate a Treasure Hunt. Those who seek answers will only receive double in mystery. Prepared kindness for apology. The [MUTE] button. In some countries, amps go up to 11. Here’s the accompanying Space Jam information:

Far out experimental collagist Treasure Hunt returns with a collaboration alongside Dennis Warren’s Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble. Warren’s unique approach to improvisation is informed by his understanding of resonance and quantum mechanics, reading into musics on a molecular and deeply vibrational level. The collaboration began with three live recordings from FMRJE, split up into individual players parts (trumpet, saxophone, drums, flutes, congas, bongos, electric guitar, bass, etc) which were then shipped to Treasure Hunt who took these pieces, sampled and re-sampled and combined them alongside his own peculiar brand of synthesis and production. Together, these cosmic jokers crafted “Space Jam”, a bewildering and tripped out free jazz album blended with modern electronics, the kind of boundary pushing that would make Sun Ra proud.

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