♫♪  V/A - The Danelaw

This is a very clever idea that Quantum Natives has going on with v/a’s The Danelaw. I believe it began when Dane Law took Brood Ma patches and made D E P O P U L O U S. Maybe not. But The Danelaw is a clever collection of tracks using “The Danelaw, a Pure Data” patch created by Dane Law, including artists x/o, g0ren|dal, ornine, sentinel, Nico Niquo, Kepla, and Renick Bell. And the results are completely manic, mutant, twisted, melted, spilling over, carving at the eye sockets, reflective ouroboros, twitched, laboriously intricate, and the perfect peer criticism of music. Scope The Danelaw below and enjoy the future via (none-other than) Quantum Natives.

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