♫♪  Valerio Cosi - “Emmanuelle Béart”

You will remember this track’s namesake as the pouty-lipped French angel in Mission: Impossible. Certainly a choice objet du désir, and the strange, free jazz/drone electronics combination that has become the signature of this Italian wunderkind is shown here in full force — it’s definitely worthy of her name. “Emmanuelle Béart” is actually an older piece by Valerio Cosi, originally released in a box set called Ode to France on Ruralfaune. But Cosi has recently teamed up with keyboardist Cosimo Friscira to form TUIN▲LS whose honorable aim is to create an “alien soundworld inspired by 78 RPM recordings.” Eyes peeled for a full-length out later this year. Meanwhile, dreams of Emmanuelle.

• Valerio Cosi: http://soundcloud.com/valeriocosi
• Ruralfaune: http://ruralfaune.blogspot.com

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