Drape the whole school in black.
I was myself clothed in hair
with a leather belt around my waist
and all of the animals, vegetables,
and minerals in the city came out to see me.

Who am I? I am a pointed center.
I am a ritual.
I am a scarce indulgence.
Sometimes, I close my eyes.

I repeat myself, and I repeat myself and replant myself.
All lines linear in reverse.
I substitute the one for the one, multiply it by itself,
and then divide it by its replica
so that the larger of the one is once again itself.

A point is not the point. A point is VALISE.
A point is “POINT IN SPACE” as it opens a point in space containing other points of spaces a realm of spirit containing other realms of spirit a sound that cannot be heard agai on angoisse, pointedly.

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