♫♪  VALISE - Thistles & Covenants

D E V I N E, a new label out of Baltimore, MD, has released their first tape batch with cassettes by Him Hun, HI$TO, Radiator Greys, and VALISE.

Thistles and Covenants sounds mourning states, their slow exploration, reaches out, takes care. There are revelations to be heard in the stunningly raw vocals on “Shatter the Spell”; the Delia Derbyshire-like loops on “F&F”; the hymns for what I would now like to be infinite voices on “11 MPH”, humming in the high walls of a vaulted wooden house, or up stream.

Stream the tape below and then listen to an interview with the label where they discuss the origins and progression of the VALISE project, adaptive studio spaces, translating emotions, post-digital field recordings, cobbling together, using what is available, getting things out, moving through, clearing your head.

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