♫♪  Various Artists - Maggie Lee’s Mommy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mommy, Maggie Lee’s new film, hit select cities late last year and is now available for online viewing. The soundtrack, recently released by Beta Pictures, functions as a standalone piece of the film, with Lee’s diary-like spoken-word pieces peppered in between songs from the likes of Gobby, Physical Therapy, James K, Odwalla88, and Barr, among others. The electronica, punk, folk, and experimental selections act as an emotional balm to the spoken-word portions, which tie into the film’s central storyline involving the death of Lee’s mother. As gloomy as that can be, the soundtrack could have easily settled into a melancholy vibe, but it’s at times stunning (see the cover of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So,” if you need further proof), celebratory, and empowering.

The Mommy soundtrack is available to download on iTunes, and it’s streaming below via Spotify below the trailer.

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