Galcher Lustwerk low-key-attempts to cut through the noise, announces Information on Ghostly International

Galcher Lustwerk low-key-attempts to cut through the noise, announces Information on Ghostly International
Photo: Collin Hughes

Wait a second. It’s been six years since the release of Galcher Lustwerk’s groundbreaking 100% Galcher mix? And since that time, the Cleveland-born producer has released two full-length albums and popularized a seemingly new electronic sub-genre (see: hip-house; don’t blame me for the nomenclature) that all kinds of budding artists have apparently tried to replicate??

Huh. I guess time flies when you spend your days worrying about the imminent collapse of American society.

But the reality is, a little Galcher goes a long way when it comes to the collective ability to maintain our sanity during these trying times. Stress about bills and whether rooms in the White House have been converted into BDSM dungeons temporarily melts away as soon as you hear the head of Lustwerk Music pouring his brain over a late-night rhythm. Let’s keep this going!

GL released 200% Galcher last year courtesy of the aforementioned label that he runs. Ghostly International’s sponsoring the upcoming release; and supposedly it’s a stylistic continuation, minus the “inclusion of more live drums” and jazz saxophone that I think made the occasional appearance on 200%. The tracks on Information are also reported to be “hookier,” which GL considers a general nod to electronic music from the Midwest. Ghostly arrived by way of Ann Arbor, after all, so why not make it a thing? God damn coasties.

Pre-order Information ahead of its November 22 release here, listen to both “Cig Angel” tracks below, and always remember:

Information tracklist:

01. Left In The Dark
02. I See A Dime
03. Another Story
04. Overpay, Overstay
05. Plainview
06. Bit
07. Thermonics
08. Cig Angel
09. Fathomless Irie
10. Been A Long Night
11. Speed
12. Cig Angel (Dance Mix)

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