Galen Tipton’s Fake Meat coming on Orange Milk, feat. Holly Waxwing, rkss, and Seth Graham

Galen Tipton’s Fake Meat coming on Orange Milk, feat. Holly Waxwing, rkss, and Seth Graham

In December 1988, the Canadian sound art pioneer Gordon Monahan exhibited an auditory installation which used the Miami, Florida elevated “Metromover” train as a vessel for his “Come on Baby Ride with Me, Just Like You Did One Thousand Times Before” sound piece.

It consisted of seven-second excerpts of music and noises that played every time the monorail made a stop and opened its doors. As unconventional as the transit authority thought of Monahan’s exhibition — it ran for four hours then was banned due to “safety reasons” (the artist claimed it was more of “an aesthetic problem”) — you have to wonder what someone like underground electronicist Galen Tipton could’ve recklessly done to that train today.

Tipton does more in seven seconds than most do in days. Luckily, we have not seven seconds, but 21 tracks of Tipton’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of ideas to sift through tomorrow, when Orange Milk releases their latest album Fake Meat.

The album features many OM acolytes, including Holly Waxwing, rkss, Koeosaeme, G. S. Sultan, Toiret Status, and label heads Seth Graham and Giant Claw (Keith Rankin). A couple of these collaborations can be heard by following the links in the tracklisting below, but we want to feature Tipton sans helpers, on Fake Meat’s brain-tenderizing closing track “Tender.” Listen below, then get the LP and DL here.

Fake Meat tracklisting:

01. Kodama
02. Orchid Mantis (w/Holly Waxwing)
03. Nose Bandage
04. Pebbles (w/Koeosaeme)
05. Sissy (w/rkss)
06. Gossamer
07. Glowing Hard Hats
08. Curaga (w/Donnie Fredericks)
09. Blue Dragon (w/Toiret Status)
10. Gummy (w/Seth Graham)
11. Touch (w/Holly Waxwing & Giant Claw)
12. Pillow Fight
13. Puddles
14. Burnt Marshmellows
15. Frog Belly
16. Hormones (w/G.S. Sultan)
17. Little Fangs (w/Big Thanks)
18. Orbs (w/Frere Tuck)
19. Castform (w/Loto Retina)
20. Mouthblood (w/Woopheadclrms)
21. Tender

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