♫♪  Various Artists: STAFFcirc - STAFFcirc vol. 3⥮: CARDINAL VIRTUE

Since 2015, UK-based “esoteric frog-based clique” STAFFcirc has been bouncing out chirpy chiptune compilations for the nu era. The first half of volume 3, TERMINAL VICE, was released back in April, and is now completed by CARDINAL VIRTUE, out rn.

The compilation features 36 artists, musicians, designers, engineers, coders, characters, and gamers* sharing sounds that squiggle, doodle, wiggle, weevil, bop, twinkle, sparkle, levitate, coast. Think big plastics, health packs, secret doors, comic books, speech bubbles, talking cats, winged rats, flying through a pink sky on the back of a giant bat on the way to meet friend, foe, boss, oracle, master.

*Emilia K. ~ Chimeratio ~ zabutom ~ Maxo ~ FLOOR BABA ~ nysnamovois ~ stunkbug ~ Vince Kaichan ~ nelward ~ Fearofdark ~ kfaraday ~ mrbuttercup37 ~ Moose ~ Darius ~ Shnabubula ~ Jangler ~ Sean Han Tani ~ Ordinate ~ ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) ✧ ~ commandycan ~ sylcmyk ~ Red&Green ~ tobyfox ~ Zackery Wilson ~ Kimihiro Abe ~ emamouse ~ mushbuh ~ akaobi 赤帯 ~ Cryptovolans ~ aanaaanaaanaaana ~ Tancla ~ Dream Position ~ Tony Thai ~ Jayster ~ DJ SONIKKU ‘06 ~ effoharkay ~ Josh Cottam

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