♫♪  Various Artists: Tsss Tapes - Free Percussion

Contributors to Tsss Tapes Free Percussion comp put their respective allsorts to work on what is the label’s inaugural release. Based in Granada, Spain, Tsss is a “tape label for quiet, textural, weird sounds.” The comp knocks to life with Claire Rousay precision, then shifts into metallic crab territory from Rie Nakajimi. Seems like ball bearings are pattering on Chris Dadge’s kit while Hakon Berre gets a great dull-shears-cut-cans effect out of who knows what.

Can’t say enough about how well this tape is sequenced, often alternating between playing on what probably is a drum set, and what probably isn’t. For every Ted Byrnes continual junk-drawer overturn there’s a pinpoint flourish from Simon Camatta. For every atmospheric piece from Will Guthrie or João Lobo, there’s a gnaw-fest from Tim Daisy. There’s the aggregated density of Kevin Cocoran’s snare drums and bells, Skyler Rowe’s wave/particle exchanges, Francesco Covarino’s saturated rattlings.

Percussively tap here for a tape and pssst…more Tsss.

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