Will Guthrie releases free jazz percussion album People Pleaser on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label

Will Guthrie releases free jazz percussion album People Pleaser on Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label
Because nothing pleases people like free jazz!

Hopefully you’re one of those people to whom things like “percussion,” “free jazz,” “experimental composition” sound really…pleasing! Because if so, I’ve got some positively fantastic news for you: Free jazz percussionist, experimental composer, and all-round awesome dude Will Guthrie has just released a new solo album called People Pleaser on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle Records.

Either “people” is taken to be a select few sub-genre of free thinking musical wonks (i.e. people who read Tiny Mix Tapes), or “pleaser” is being used ironically, though — because People Pleaser might not please just anyone. The album features Guthrie’s technically-brilliant drumming accompanied by a menagerie of weird samples, police interrogation tapes and musique concrete soundscapes. The resultant eleven track song set is utterly unique and compelling and…well, yes, pleasing!

If you have legs and/or some other ability to move away from the computer you are currently sitting in front of (like some wings or a jet or something), you can also get out to one of Guthrie’s upcoming performances around Australia or Europe. Or…just stay where you are and get the postman to deliver People Pleaser after you’ve ordered it off the internet (from a reputable source), possibly while watching this teaser for the album below.

People Pleaser tracklisting:

01. DoubleTrouble
02. Creeper
03. FogNap
04. KhmerFrays
05. EasyLay
06. SignLanguage
07. SwitchStance
08. SlimCake
09. WhackJob
10. HeadzDropa
11. SnowDown

Live people pleasers:

04.11.17 - Sydney Australia, Hibernian House (solo)
04.19.17 - Melbourne, Austraila - The Tote (solo)
04.25.17 - Nuremberg, Germany - TBA (solo)
04.26.17 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazz House (w/ Oren Ambarchi)
05.05.17 - Berlin, Germany - Festival Syn/Cussion @ RADIALSYSTEM V (w/ Mark Fell)

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