♫♪  Velf - Pernicious Serenity

Hi gang, Ryan here — you may have noticed that I’m one of the new kids on the TMT writing staff, and I just wanted to say thank you for your support — your years of undying devotion as I’ve honed my craft on other sites has gotten me to this point. It’s not easy writing about music — all these verbs and nouns, and, oh god, the adjectives! Plus being coherent and knowing a little something about your subject — it’s a daunting mountain to climb, I’ll tell you. But now, by way of gratitude, I’d like to give back a little to this fantastic community of artists and labels and writers: here is my bank card number and pin, for you to do with as you wish. Don’t worry about me, I have plenty of money now that I’m on top of the game!

Card number: 8009 6165 1321 2651
Pin: 12341

Like me to TMT, Velf, a.k.a. Valeria Zaklinskaya, is new to the Orange Milk roster, and, like me to TMT, her debut tape with the legendary electronic label fits in perfectly. Executed with the vision of an experimentalist and the control of a seasoned composer, Pernicious Serenity refuses to sit still as it flits from the synth bombast of “Suppression” all the way down to the sedate (mostly) drift of “The Pleasures of Being Alone,” with multiple and various detours along the way. Velf’s interest in the life of her mind is rooted in expressing both the peace and division one can experience navigating through pleasurable and fearful incidents – hence the marriage of “pernicious” to “serenity” in the title. The internal outlook can change on a dime, and Velf has both ends of the spectrum covered, a treat — a reward — for those of us who allow our minds to connect with these concepts and zoom along with them. And maybe if we’re lucky, Velf’s generosity will also extend to her banking information – lord knows she can’t spend all that Orange Milk cash on her own! Who could?

Cop Pernicious Serenity from Orange Milk below, and grab the rest of the November 2017 bundle while you’re tooling around their Bandcamp page.

1. As far as I know, card number and pin are fake, but hey, give it a shot, you might get lucky. [DISCLAIMER: NO ONE CONDONES THIS.]

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