♫♪  Velf - “unhinging”

Tell me more, Valeria.

As Velf, Valeria Zaklinskaya is a storyteller, a visionary conduit into the fantastic, whose imagination and sense of the narrative process allow her to punctuate her music with deep emotional passages and cues. Not only that, she’s able to stack layers upon layers of sound sources on top of one another, giving each of the five “chapters” of in a sense a density that enlivens and enriches the whole as each layer is peeled back.

So — tell me more, Valeria.

And it’s not even a narrative that we’re following here, but a landscape, a view, a vista that becomes colorful and radiant, and those colors change to more radiant and expressive iterations, always shifting and evolving. The source material moves in a nonlinear fashion, as if quadrants of the whole are shaded or filled in seemingly random fashion. But as the patterns develop, randomness fades, and the whimsical and extraordinary life of the mind comes into focus. There is a story, there is not a story.

Please, tell me more!

Life blooms through the electronic and electroacoustic explorations of universes; everything breathes in and out of everything else. Five tracks is not enough to describe eternity.

Keep your eye out for in a sense, available from Orange Milk about two months down the road (October 25). Prepare yourself with “unhinging” — it leads the way down the rabbit hole, or whatever metaphor at this point.

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