♫♪  Visible Cloaks - “Valve (feat. Miyako Koda)”

Visible Cloaks’s latest release, their first on eternal fav RVNG Intl., finds members Ryan Carlile and Spencer Doran in iconic collab with Miyako Koda and Tatsuji Kim of Japanese duo dip in the pool. In the origamatic “Valve” Coda’s dictum initiates the track’s ritualistic padding, as the cat gingerly steps. Atmosphere of clean lines, hushed palettes, and moonlight that filters in through the blinds and falls across our still bodies in gentle shadow-patterns.

Mac users get an extra bonus in the form of a free and downloadable interactive media environment featuring visuals by artist and musician Brenna Murphy. Experientially, it all just fits, so download and zone here.

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