♫♪  w00dy - this world has rendered me

Welcome to the world of rendering. Of making, molding, doing. Creating our identities while the world, in turn, creates us.

“From the idea that the self is not given to us, I think that there is only one consequence: we have to create ourselves as a work of art.”
Michel Foucault

The world, then, does give us the opportunity to create ourselves, insofar as we are able to take advantage of the spaces that nature leaves vacant. But what happens when carnality and the transgressions of existence immerse us so completely that we can hardly move? In other words—as Philadelphia’s w00dy puts it—the individual, with regard to self-expression, must constantly ask, “how do I live a holy life when so much sin surrounds me?”

Take “holy” however you want—I feel its meaning is malleable, especially in this context—but the attempt to forcibly relegate our surroundings to make room for self-expression might sound something like w00dy’s new release, this world has rendered me. It explodes in a flurry of absurdity, a sound that pushes the limits of the dancefloor with fast-paced BPMs, start-stop percussion, and nearly indistinguishable vocal samples, kinda rave-y, at times goofy, but wholly uplifting.

Listen below as w00dy carves out a world all her own—download/purchase the cassette here.

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