♫♪  Walton - All Night EP [preview]

All Night is the soundtrack to you puking after listening to a mix of dance/electro from 2012. More so, it’s the tense moments while being shuffled out the club and a dude is trying to catch all your spray vom in a bucket. Bitches be dancing all stoop’it, and ladies walk around your inner art piled across the club. Walton starts to puke at the smell of yours and the sound of his own music. Greasy men start yelling, “Yeah” while throat-choking their own vomit back. Bodyguards beat the shit out each other cause they can’t stand the environment and rumors they’ve been spreading about each other. Tail feathers and denim dicks all stain with dark brown and a strong vinegary smell. Toy dogs start to whimper. People flood the door and get stray-punch knocked out from the bouncer fight. Everyone now is slipping on a communal vom pile at the exit. That or they laying in it wasted asleep or comatose. One dude slips and bangs his head hard. So there’s blood now, and things is getting soupy. Walton All Night EP out in April for private voming on Hyperdub.

• Walton: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Walton+%282%29
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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