♫♪  Wether - Organics

My dad worked as a soda jerk for a bit in his youth. When he first told me this, I thought he was claiming to have been a Grade-A sodie-pop snob. That, or a dude who’d fiddle your ding-dong for some soda. Turns out, I was wrong. Completely.

Turns out I was also wrong about the new Wether tape, Organics. With a title like that, I thought the album might contain a musical 180 from Mike Haley — the man behind Wether, various other projects, 905 tapes, and OG of Tabs Out. Heck, when I plopped it into my deck, I was prepared to hear the Hale-storm plucking away on a guitbox, singing praise to some sort of Tape Lord or something. But NOPE! He’s still cranking out (!) modular gold.

Clearly a human in-touch (!) with his funny bone, early on you get some rhythmic robot farts tossed in with his finely crafted rotations, oscillations, reverberations, sensory manifestations, Playstations, and other words that rhyme with those words. Things progress from there, in a (insert a “jerk-off” joke here that KILLS IT!!!) kind of way. All in all, Organics is a trip.

Peep below, and snag yourself a copy from Oxtail Recordings.

• Oxtail Recordings: https://oxtailrecordings.bandcamp.com

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