♫♪  Wilted Woman - “Doing The Math”

What’s happening up ahead? We can’t land. There, as here, all’s clear, but between us there’s a non-navigable storm system. I was expecting a free movie and got three ads on a loop and one episode of a show from two years ago. It’s the finale. We emergency land. I expect a riot, and again we’re in the air. I’ve been to D.C., but only to the airport. I’ve been to Berlin, but only to the airport. I drink a $15 vodka soda in New Jersey. The man at security likes my jacket. He says, “It’s different.” A woman screams at a girl who asks her for money. The woman asks me, “What the hell is going on?!” Two teenagers throw french fries at me. Of all the available toppings, they choose garlic salt and douse the whole pizza. But then again, I get the row to myself. I stretch out my legs. Around 1:40, some Seinfeld-y plucks and little bits bow my head deep, even as they pull my bag out of line, swab it, and rifle through its non-existent depths. Little do they know, they’ll never get me off their hands.

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