♫♪  Xosar - “Clubbing Spain: Podcast 119”

When Ze Records put out their Mutant Disco compilation, they subtitled it A Subtle Discolation of the Norm. Xosar’s green-neon-bathed, eerie, retrofuturistic mutant house is not so much a discolation as an edification — and a subtle Detroitification — of the norm; a panicky dystopia where we can only be soothed to sleep by android lullabies, or by the distant crashing waves of the sea(punk). This may not be surprising, springing from the mind of an artist who’s a genuine heir to the Cold Mountain Paranormal Society.

Check out Xosar’s “Clubbing Spain: Podcast 119” (below), featuring a whole evolutionary microcosm of her unreleased musical cyberflora and technofauna, “Directly from my electribe 2 ur ears,” which I imagine is something like thishere.

• Xosar: http://www.xosar.com
• Clubbing Spain: http://www.clubbingspain.com

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