Xosar continues her techno deep dive with The Possessor Possesses Nothing on Bedouin

Xosar continues her techno deep dive with The Possessor Possesses Nothing on Bedouin

Been a short minute since Xosar’s last album, Xymeria. And what a fascinating, if at times insurmountable and challenging, record that was – properly conceptual techno that fused weighty philosophies and belief systems with Electribe/hardware workouts that were by turns pummeling and ecstatic, as Xosar positioned herself as a medium of sorts between imagined societies and material reality. Nothing, then, if not a techno deep dive, almost as if Drexciya themselves had spent more time immersed in the occult, and dabbling in Magick.

The depths are to be thoroughly mined once again as Bedouin Records preps The Possessor Possesses Nothing. Inspired chiefly by a passage from the Tao Te Ching, it sees Xosar pick up a number of thematic strands from records previous, although perhaps with more of a streamlined, liberationist focus this time around. Or, as she puts it, engaging a sense of “optimistic nihilism,” aimed squarely at oppressive systems and structures (there’s a track here called “Pikachu Police State,” which I can only assume is an anti-cop anthem following Pikachu’s questionable new career choice). Tearing away this shit world and starting anew. Embracing one’s Self amidst what remains.

If the above sounds all good in your book, be sure to keep those eyes open and a browser tab parked on Bedouin’s Bandcamp for The Possessor Possesses Nothing’s release on February 1 — and meanwhile, and to “Vibration Acceleration” below. Techno healing for the people!

The Possessor Possesses Nothing tracklisting:

01. Transmogrification
02. A Heart Encircled by a Serpent
03. Fantasmagoria
04. Vibration Acceleration
05. Pikachu Police State
06. The Possessor Possesses Nothing
07. Heavens Gate
08. Realm ov Chaos
09. The Video

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