♫♪  X.Y.R. - Arktika

Like the heroic tugboat on its cover, Arktika — by Russian artist X.Y.R. — is a vehicle of vast power, packed into a minimal, maneuverable framework. Able to tow hundreds of times its own weight, the album carries dense loads of mood and emotion. With patient strength and effortless forward motion, the sounds of X.Y.R. cruise waters both tranquil and treacherous. Through a perfect storm of synth and rhythm, Arktika floats on, slowly but surely able to find its way home and tie back up to dry land. The cassette is part of Contellation Tatsu’s stellar Spring Batch of tapes, and features some of the most beautiful and delicate album art of the year so far.

• X.Y.R.: http://xyrmusic.bandcamp.com/album/arktika
• Constellation Tatsu: http://www.ctatsu.com

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