Your summer has its soundtrack: Not Not Fun announces new albums from X.Y.R., Iguana Moonlight, and Canada Effervescent

Your summer has its soundtrack: Not Not Fun announces new albums from X.Y.R., Iguana Moonlight, and Canada Effervescent
X.Y.R. summons summertime's imminent good vibrations

Just as I’m psyching myself up to spend yet another summer faded-down in Key West listening to “I’m the One” on repeat, Not Not Fun (mercifully) comes along to remind me that the party’s over. Let’s face it: I’m an adult; I’m pushing 30, and my one true passion is sipping on herbal tea and listening to stress-reducing tapes to help me get a solid 8 hours of sleep.

NNF has been dipping into the ambient, new age pool for some time, but it’s usually in small doses (“micro-doses,” if you will). But I was very adult-thrilled to see and hear that the label’s latest batch is basically entirely comprised of new age-y synth excursions, courtesy of some enlightened French and Russian sonic adventurers. The first release is from a name that may be familiar to TMT readers: St. Petersburg sound spelunker X.Y.R. We interviewed him early last year, and I could not be more adult-excited for his latest, Labyrinth. The full-length LP — plus optional cassette Reflections — enhances the world building qualities of prior tapes (Mental Journey to B.C.,Artika, and El Dorado) and sets out for new terrain. “Vicious Circle” is a small taste of another brilliant entry in the producer’s subtly hypnotic catalog.

Next up is a set of “unlikely desert meditations beamed from the suburbs of Moscow,” courtesy of Ilya Ryazantcev’s Iguana Moonlight project. “III” is a breezy, floaty jam based around an intoxicating synth loop and crashing wave samples. If star gazing nights on an empty beach could have any better aural pairing, you’d be hard pressed to top Wild Palms.

The final entry is another relaxing tape beamed over from French composer Canada Effervescent (a.k.a. Denis Tremblay). Crystalline features an “immersive and softly psychedelic sound spa of tonal voyaging,” and “Valse Infinie Des Etres (Aquilaris)” gently welcomes you in and doesn’t let go.

If you like what you hear (and duh, how could you not?!?), all three albums drop June 30. While my neck of the woods is just starting to get some summer weather vibes, by the time these three hit the streets, it should be primo time for some easy-going barbecues with close friends-only, staying hydrated with a La Croix or two, and keeping it mellow with some fresh NNF goodness. Ahhh. Now that’s living.

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