♫♪  X.Y.R. - “Dolphin Smile”

The ultra relaxed vibe of X.Y.R. stems from the bedroom recordings of St. Petersburg’s Vladimir Karpov. Just by browsing his Bandcamp you can see that each release takes its theme from a legendary adventure destination or story (the Arctic, El Dorado, Robinson Crusoe, for example). With his latest, waves t​*​pes vol​.​1, X.Y.R. offers a “tidal tetralogy of enlightening electro-magnetic evocations which inspire the listener to drift effortlessly through the coastal waters of the subconscious mind,” which leads me to believe that we’re in for a nautical theme on this one. Reminding me of another nautical themed album, I’m most excited about the possibilities of this one. Judging by “Dolphin Smile,” this will be a very chill mini-album, with lush, bubbly synths percolating above shadowy field recording/noise samples (?), which may or may not be trying to evoke the sounds heard beneath the waves. Either way, X.Y.R., as per usual, creates an unique sonic landscape with this new release, and you can explore it all when the mini-CDr drops June 27, via Handstitched (Pre-order HERE and sample the entire thing HERE).

• X.Y.R.: https://xyrmusic.bandcamp.com
• Handstitched: https://handstitched.bandcamp.com/music

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