♫♪  Yagi - Moments

El Sereno Records, the label responsible for dubbing tape gold from the likes of Family Event and TONY FERRARI have dropped their first release of 2014, and this time it’s nothing aaronmaxwell related. No, ESR006 belongs to Japanese producer Yagi, and is filled to the shell smooth piano samples and world guitar licks, all overtop that El Sereno bed of mid-fi vinyl hiss, quick drops, and filter sweeps. Gotta love a label that sticks to its guns, no matter what part of the world its material is being sourced from. Unfortunately, in the time between me finding out about the release of Moments and writing this post you are now reading, the tape has red-lettered (sold out). Sorry. But I feel this is an opportune time to tell you about Bandcamp’s new “Follow” feature [Editor’s Note: OH, SWEET!!!]. Located in the upper right hand corner of an artist or label page, you will see a Follow button which allows you to add any new activity from that page to your central Bandcamp hub, so you can just log in, scroll down, and catch up. So, what do you need me for, you ask? Good question.

The good news is that Moments is still available digitally for however much you think it’s worth to you, so you haven’t missed out entirely. You’re welcome, you ungrateful prick.

• Yagi: https://soundcloud.com/yagi1987
• El Sereno Records: http://elserenorecords.bandcamp.com

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