♫♪  Yagi - “UNION”

"UNION" — as well as the rest of Yagi’s SOTO — has a downcast feel to it. The vocals moan from years of hiding, the drums self-consciously stumble along, and the horns are so far off you hardly even notice them. But a hopefulness persists throughout, and after hearing those keyboard ascensions, you’ll see what I mean.

Reminds me of a drizzly walk home at night. It’s cool enough that it feels good to be outside, but still damp enough that it’ll feel better once you’re inside, dry and relaxed. The walk’s still on, though. Gotta get going; gonna be a long one. You give nods to the few people you pass, avoiding too much eye contact. Orange lines of light from the streetlamps grant brief insight to where you need to head. And you adhere to the guides, mad at a route but happy for this route. Keep going. Things will be looking up soon.

Hand made and each with a unique cover, Yagi’s SOTO feat. “UNION” is available now. Grab ‘em up while you can.

• Yagi: https://soundcloud.com/yagi1987

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