♫♪  Young Smoke - Pluto Lounge [EP]

Young Smoke is back with his second EP since the release of Space Zone last month on Planet Mu. The first was an EP with fellow Flight Muzik producer DJ Metro called iFlight v. 1, but Young Smoke’s spaced-out aesthetic was a bit of an awkward fit with DJ Metro’s production, resulting in a sometimes lopsided, often disjointed release. Pluto Lounge, however, sees Young Smoke giving the breathing room his tracks need, letting the synths levitate as the twisted, stuttering beats encourage those feet to move. It’s more spacious and more consistent than even Space Zone, with the final three tracks — “Star Lounge,” “Blue Galaxy,” and “Galaxy Destruction 2020” — being the EP’s standouts.

Stream and/or purchase Pluto Lounge courtesy of Bandcamp.

• Young Smoke: http://soundcloud.com/flightmuzik-1
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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