♫♪  Young Smoke - The Galaxy 1.0

Footwork, by its very nature, leads to prolificacy, with Traxman, DJ Roc, DJ Taye, and DJ Manny in particular having released an incredible amount of tracks/EPs/albums throughout the year, but Young Smoke has been on an absolute tear recently. He released the extremely limited Smoke Session v.1 earlier this year, followed it up with his Planet Mu full-length Space Zone, and has since released a joint EP with DJ Metro (iFlight v. 1) and a solo EP (Pluto Lounge). He even recently re-released his 2010 album, The Track Lab.

Now, not even a month later, we have a new 10-track EP, this one titled The Galaxy 1.0. The EP, characteristically chill and exploratory, features tracks like “The Matrix,” “Above the Stars,” and “Super Future,” which further articulate his footwork-in-space concept The tracks by themselves are solid, but I’m a sucker for his mixes. Listen to the entire EP at his Bandcamp page and/or check out this 11-minute mix:

• Young Smoke: http://youngsmokeastronautatatus.bandcamp.com

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