♫♪  Zach Phillips / Tankorean / Nate Henricks - Wall-to-Wall Parrots / Post-Classical World / How I Got Nanoscopic

From the bizarre, hairless world of internet label Truly Bald comes three releases from three equally bizarre, possibly haired people!

Zach Phillips - Wall-to-Wall Parrots
[outside j-card art by Alexis Graman and inside by Jake Tobin]

Zach Phillips of Blanche Blanche Blanche and OSR Tapes fame and hot of the Personalizer from Lillerne Tapes, continues his warped “showtunes-y” diary entries with 13 new songs including two about wall-to-wall parrots.

Tankorean - Post-Classical World
[artwork by Jake Tobin]

Georgia-based mega outputter Tankorean more-or-less stready stream of ideas found its way across the FL-GA Line for the Post-Classical World. The distance between the music and the listener stems from Tankorean recording into old cell phones at occasional ringtone length, giving the end product a long-distance collect call to an out-of-state grandma – short-lived, but privately meaningful nonetheless. Gather a feeling for Tankorean here.

Nate Henricks - How I Got Nanoscopic
[artwork by Jake Tobin]

Small label lover and Midwest liver Nate Henricks rounds up the Truly Bald trio with How I Got Nanoscopic. Nate’s raw, dry garage sound and partially obscure poetry is self-reflective, straightforward, and inspirationally punk af.

All three releases are available to stream, download, and purchase on cassette ($5 or $6 a pop) over at Truly Bald.

Is none of this weird enough? Well, try out Truly Bald’s SIMULPLAY®! It’s the yellow bar with the phrase ‘WARNING EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE’! All the songs play simultaneously! It’s unnerving!

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