♫♪  Zebra Katz - “BLK WICCAN”

The rising of a hip hop that queers, not only homophobic sensibilities, but also production itself, is a return of performativity from unconscious social construction, to its literalist roots — allow me to coin the phrase, ‘Keepin it realness.’

Mara Zampariolo’s (a.k.a. [MEDIUM-GREY’s]) new clip for Zebra Katz’s ominously funky “BLK WICCAN” uses rawness to illustrate magic, light to let there be darkness, and visions to chop and screw identity:

“Watch out for the weirdos, girls…”
“We are the weirdos, mister!”

View Zebra Katz’s premiere video over at Purple Fashion Magazine now!

• Zebra Katz: http://zebrakatz.com

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