♫♪  Zeroh - “Gun Metal” ft. Koreatown Oddity

Koreatown Oddity raps wearing a Wolfman mask, and his (amazing) Ras G-produced EP from earlier this year is basically about smoking so much weed the city melts. In other words, if you can out-weird this man on a track, it says something about you. Zeroh, who previously came close on “Mist of the Blunts,” is clearly up for the challenge. Way back in 2011, he kicked off his Awfulalterations tape with what can only be compared to the disconnected dream dialogue one sometimes accidentally mumbles aloud while half-asleep in the shower. (Wait, you do that too, right?) Before launching into a, by comparison, relatively straightforward mixtape, he closed out the intro saying, “We forever stay infinite. I mean we know, but niggas don’t know, like they forget and then they like go back to doing the bullshit, but you know we could, we could be like 100 percent this shit.”

Five years later, here we are. “Gun Metal” is like “Made You Look” with a third eye perspective, Tinnitus the ringing in Frank’s ears after Nada finally suplexed him in that alleyway. Put the glasses on via Hit+Run.

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