♫♪  Swarvy - “Pocus” ft. Zeroh / “Do What I Do” ft. Versis

With what someone who knows next to nothing about film can only assume is a high-definition camera either built into or mounted on a drone, or simply by means of CGI wizardry, California is made to look like even more of a paradise than it already is. So glossy, it illuminates by juxtaposition a dystopian reality. So smooth, it calls everything into question. Has Swarvy manifested or facilitated all this lushness? Can Zeroh really skate that well? What does Versis do when he does that which he does? Is Theo Jemison a robot? How can Paxico Records afford his augmentations? Will you buy Anti-Anxiety on limited edition 12”, thereby supporting these colluders’ ongoing conspiracy against reality?

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